About Us – AGW Bharat

AGW Bharat – AGW Media Network Private Limited

AGW Bharat is a Brand Product of AGW Media Network Pvt. Ltd. which is a new generation Journalism and Broadcast company that focuses on uplifting the role of youth in the World of Journalism. The company has been founded by Neeteesh Gaharwar and Naveen Prasad in the Year 2021 on 6th February. AGW Bharat is the first Youth-Driven Media Tech News Channel in India. Here we leave no stone unturned to bring unbiased truth in front of the citizen thus re-establishing the true meaning of the fourth pillar of democracy.

At AGW Bharat we are determined to innovate the Future of Journalism and the Youth force in Journalism. Besides the youth community, we use the digital platform extensively to connect with people from different parts of the country. We plan to keep ourselves genuine and keep intact the true essence of journalism without the influence of any form of greed or pressure.

Our channel will not favor any political party. We will face the truth openly because no one can take away the freedom of media. In today’s era, when all the channels are keeping their inclination towards one or the other, then we are coming up with a space that will show viewers the truth. We will be the face of truth and expose the false with the fact check.

The Mission

To create an innovative youth-driven culture in the sectors of journalism that takes journalism to the next level proving better opportunities for work and information among the youth.

The Vision

To become Asia’s most-watched TV & Digital News channel and stand in a top position among the Indian television & digital channels with our hard work and dedication.