Correction Policy

AGW Bharat is a brand product of AGW Media Network Pvt Ltd, we would like to inform you about our correction policy. If any of the users found a mismatch or incorrect information he or she is most welcome to inform us and we shall be updating as soon as possible and after the correction, we will let know the user about the correction update.

We will try each and every news to have a fact check and explain the news in a video so users can trust our news website and its credibility. As AGW Bharat is Asia’s First Youth-Driven Media tech brand also have updates on our social media.

Updating a report

We always make a practice to put notes on stories if a story has been updated. We always mention in bold [Correction: updated] so that users can rely on us.


We also have a comment section on our news website. So if users found inaccuracy they can comment in the box so to make us alert for correction.

Reporting Inaccuracies

If you believe a story we have published is inaccurate, please us via social media or email id ( We guarantee to respond to you within 1 hour.

Take Down Policy

As a matter of editorial policy, we do not entertain take-down requests. If the news is incorrect we can update it with the fact check.